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Karen's Beautiful Soap
  • Handmade Soaps
Treat yourself to moisturizing handmade soaps! I make each bar with love and they are made with vegetable glycerin and the best natural oils. They lather well and are long lasting. My handmade soaps make wonderful gifts!

Hand and Body Lotions

My natural hand and body lotion moisturizes and leaves your skin smooth and soft without an oily residue.  It has almond, jojoba and avocado oil added to a wonderful rich base of olive oil. It is wonderful for the skin and is paraben free and has no alcohol or mineral oil added.

  • Liquid Soaps

Be gentle to your skin! If you are looking for a natural liquid soap that lathers well and leaves your skin soft this is the soap for you. Use in the shower as a shower gel or as a hand soap.

  • Body Oils

I use the highest quality almond and jojoba oils to make a wonderful body oil which you can use as a moisturizer or to give a relaxing massage.

  • Salt Scrubs

    Like the Brown sugar scrub, the Salt scrub exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, if you like different scents this is a great treat for the whole body. Try a different scent like lavender or grapefruit for a different experience.

  • Herbal Mist
The herbal mist is a natural air freshener for use on your body, any room in the house or your linens. It is made of water, vegetable glycerin and scent.
  • Gift Packs

 Call or send an email to custom order. Great gift for the Holidays.




Karen's Beautiful Soap
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