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About Me

Handmade Soap at Karen's Beautiful Soap ...
Our History of Handmade Soap

I started making my own handmade soap because commercial and other soap purchased at health food stores burned my sensitive skin. Since I've been using my soap I have not had any problems and it's the only cleanser that I can use on my face!

I use the highest quality natural ingredients and my products are free of sulfates, mineral oil, alcohol, and parabens.

You can find me and my natural products at Los Angeles area farmers markets. Saturday I am at the Burbank Farmers Market, Sunday in Studio City,  and Thursday in Redondo Beach.

I have always lived a natural healthy lifestyle and have been an avid hiker. I love the outdoors and taking my dog for hikes and walks around the neighborhood.

I feel great about my handmade soaps and am happy that I can sell products that I believe in.

I hope you will treat yourself to my handmade soaps, lotions, scrubs, herbal mists, body oils, soy candles and liquid soaps.

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